The ROLE Foundation – Proudly supported by The Bali Flames

On Thursday January the 24, Bec was fortunate to visit the ROLE Foundation and present them with a donation of Rp 5 200 000 – which was raised from the Annual Netball Invitational Tournament we held last year in 2013. The funds were presented to Mike O’Leary, the founder; who is a passionate crusader for women’s empowerment and has created a foundation that has now also become dear to the hearts of The Bali Flames Netball Club (learn more about ROLE and how you can support them by visiting there website
The Role Team

Some of the young woman who have been awarded scholarships to the ROLE hospitality program

Bec was able to see first hand at how The ROLE Foundation is making an impact on the lives of several young women, who are able to board on site and have been awarded scholarships where they participate in the ROLE hospitality trainee-ship program. The tables were turned where Bec (who is a teacher herself), became the student and participated in an English and computer class, along with having a tour of their natural fabric dye and weaving workshop, waste management and permaculture site and their organic garden.


The ROLE class room

The Mission Statement of ROLE was evident in every facet of their campus and programs that are being delivered.

Mission Statement o ROLE:

ROLE seeks to help these unskilled disadvantaged women by providing accessible basic education and vocational training. ROLE works to increase the employment opportunities available to women from poor communities by providing ac­cessible education, vocational training,and  job placement  as well as assistance in starting up eco-friendly micro businesses.


Recent graduates of the ROLE traineeship program

The Bali Flames Netball Club are looking forward to developing a relationship with ROLE where we are able to suppourt the foundation’s women’s education program and help to foster women’s empowerment here in Bali.

Bec presents the donation check from The Bali Flames

Bec presents the donation check from The Bali Flames


Its all smiles


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